The Trees of Hornby Island Series 
All Nature Sings and Round Us Rings
     acrylic on wood panel  84" x 48"
C 2008 Robin de Lavis
All rights reserved by artist
I have always been fascinated by trees. This began in early childhood when I would sit on the branches of the huge oak trees near where I lived in England. Perhaps it was the influence of the great illustrators of childrens books at the time who often personified the trees in their pictures, but I always felt the oaks were aware of my presence. I certainly felt theirs.

After coming to Canada I've spent most of my adult life living in an area dominated by trees. Here the canopy is made up mostly of cedars, fir, arbutus and big leaf maples.I find each tree has a unique look and personality forged from their beginnings as a tiny seed embedded in the ground. Depending on the environment they grow in they can take many different shapes. I am fortunate to have a fir tree that is about 800 years old near my house where eagles have set up their nest. I feel very protective of these great giants and hope we can enjoy them on the planet for many years to come.

‘The Trees of Hornby Island’ series came about after we had a harsh winter that saw many familiar trees blown down. After walking along the bluffs and finding one I had done a painting of the year before now cut into firewood, I decided to immortalize select trees. I walked around Helliwell Park, a unique eco-system here on the island to take reference photos for the drawings from which to paint. Each tree has been singled out to stand alone and be honoured. 
Toward the Light-(sold)
Log Boom​ With a Nod to Tom Thomson (sold)
Eruption to Hope-(sold)
Almost There​-(sold)
Arbutus Light​-(sold)
Listen. Answer.​-(sold)
Heaven's Light​-(sold)
Old Growth Tree​-(sold)
Old Tree Standing​-(sold)
Partners in Light​-(sold)
The Sound of the Sun Going Down-(sold)
When the Heavens Collide​-(sold)
The Listener-(sold)
The Pathway​-(sold)
The Sentinel-(sold)
Holding On​-(sold)
Northern Lights​-(sold)
Daily Exhultation​-(sold)
Life Continues On​-(sold)
Looking Up​-(sold)
The Invitation​-(sold)
Joyous Abandon
Leaning Tree
A Light in the Forest
A Windy Day-(sold)
Arbutus by the Sea
With Peace There Comes a Sound of Joy-(sold)
This Cedar From the Darkness Rose-(sold)